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Moving in the Right Direction

RFG Logistics is part of the Retzlaff Grain Company, a Nebraska agribusiness founded in 1958. RFG Logistics is a strong and experienced 3PL team which has worked together since the early '90s. The group specializes in the transportation of agricultural products by truck from shippers to receivers across the United States.

Our brokers offer truck freight service in:
  • Hoppers
  • Walking Floors
  • Dry Van
  • Refrigerated
  • Belts
  • Flatbed
  • End Dumps
  • LTL
  • Tankers

Hauling bulk agricultural products
Hauling bulk agricultural products

What sets us apart

What sets RFG Logistics apart from our competition? RFG is a preferred 3PL service business because of the strength of our personnel, our relationships, our professionalism, our culture, our scope and our financial capabilities.

  • Our personnel have over 200 years combined transportation experience with agricultural products. This experience gives us insight to our customers' expectations for on time deliveries. We work as a team and have the depth and know-how to understand the logistics, react immediately to delivery problems, and perform 24/7 as needed.
  • We have a solid reputation. We are members of the Transportation Intermediaries Association and our brokers are Certified Transportation Brokers, the industry standard for professional certification. Our personnel have a strong commitment to service with integrity, personal attention, and customer satisfaction. We understand communication is paramount to customer satisfaction and we are committed to tell the straight story promptly, whether good or bad. We know our customers' bottom line depends on it.
  • We have longstanding relationships with shippers, carriers, and their execution lanes. We effectively solve problems and keep loads moving with efficient and timely execution. We treat our dedicated carriers like family. We provide them excellent pay and in return they provide the service that meets our standards and our shippers' expectations.
  • Our dispatchers work daily moving dozens of agriculture and perishable products and other bulk commodities. Our scope and diversity makes us a clearing-house of activity for prompt information flow and we have the knowledge necessary to maximize equipment utilization for the most efficient and economic results.
  • We have a culture with a keen sense of urgency, organization and innovation with the desire to achieve objectives. As a group we are results oriented and demand performance.
  • Finally, we have the financial strength to develop and provide systems and processes for performance and management analysis. We also understand prudent risk management and maintain insurance and bonding for our customers, our carriers, and ourselves.